Start a Group.

Let us know you're leading a group. We'll give you access to our coaching materials, pay for pizza for your first group meeting, and help you set up your Steps to Freedom Retreat.

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How do I start a group?

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    Let us know you're leading a group so we can support  you as you go.
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    Order a Unveil Guidebook for each person in your group.
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    We'll give you access to the COACHING MATERIALS PAGE which has all the training resources you need to run a group well.

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    There are 8 lessons. Each lesson builds on the last. We recommend spending 2 hours on each lesson. We'll pay for the pizza for your first group meeting.

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    Go through the Steps to Freedom! The Steps to Freedom is a moral and spiritual inventory of your life. It is the second half of your Unveil book. We can sometimes come to you and lead a weekend retreat for you. Otherwise we will give you lots of support and training for you to lead your own.

Get the Unveil Guidebook

Order one copy for each of your group members. Have them pay you back, it's good for them to have ownership.

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