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A Young Woman’s Struggle

Listen to a young woman talk about her struggle with pornography and masturbation.

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Women’s Resident Director Talks about Unveil

Christian College leadership is using Unveil to make a real impact on campus. Hear from Sara about her experience.

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Impact of Women’s Study, Unveil, on College Campuses

Unveil has a huge impact on College Campuses. Hear from school leaders on what they have experienced.

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What is Unveil?

First of all it is a Bible study for women. It is beginning a process of living free in Christ. It is a workbook to use with a small group of your friends. It is practical and easy to read. It is teaches you how to actually believe your true identity and how to enjoy your sexuality without sin. It will teach you how to understand how to fight in the spiritual realm, accepting true forgiveness and...
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Latest Articles

  • Freely we have received, freely Give

    Reading the Bible messes you up! When I was a young man I read what Jesus said to his disciples, “Freely you have received, freely give.” It marked a place in my heart and I could never get those words out of my mind. From that time on I have tried to live by His […]

  • God is Not Fair.

    In our culture we develop beliefs that being fair is a good and moral thing. What is done for the greater good for all is better than what is done for one person. When we work hard for things we deserve it more that when people get things for free. We try to please our parents to make sure they are proud of us subconsciously thinking that they will love us more.

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  • My 3 Lies

    What I wish I knew as a single Christian teen…I think most of these lies are from the enemy to keep us isolated and in the dark. Here are three of the one’s I bought into growing up before Dangerous Man…these lies were pretty damn good at keeping me in isolation, keeping me in…

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  • Prayer for your Room

    Many years ago I went to an apartment warming party, you know the kind, when someone moves into a new place and they have everybody over. Well, there was a priest there who was asked to do an apartment blessing. I thought it kind of hokey when he lit an incense burner on a chain […]

  • 10 Rules for Spiritual Warriors – Bible Study

    10 Rules for Spiritual Warriors is a Bible Study for your group to use after you have gone through the Dangerous Men book and Steps and would like to keep your group growing. It is short and sweet and is very useful as a discussion starter for your group.

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