Origin on Unveil

It is important to make clear that in its original form, this book was written for Christian men only (Dangerous Men United). It came at what seems to have been a perfect time. There were enough God-fearing men who were tired of relying upon their own self-discipline to save them from lust that they were ready to run after a spiritual perspective like this in faith. What has been the result? Several things, but the greatest is that it has truly set men free. The book hasn’t set them free, a set of principles throughout the book hasn’t set them free. Jesus has set them free.

Another amazing thing that has begun to happen through God’s truths written about in this book is it has changed so many men’s lives that women are being strongly affected.

Yet those of us who have men in our lives who have experienced sexual freedom from the ministry of [Dangerous Men] have begun to discover we too have much to learn about and pursue in the way of freedom in Christ. Much of it lies well kept and covered in our own sexual bondages and misconceptions. So, after several years of intense impact on men, what better way to watch new fruit grow between men and women sexually than to bring light to these same truths for women?

In essence the truths are the same, so there aren’t many differences between the men’s and women’s version of this book.

There are fine details that are different, as God created us much the same, yet much different from one another. However, when we look at this from a spiritual perspective and from the perspective of Satan attacking a most beautiful part of who we are, the battle is much the same, and both men and women need to learn how to fight and win that battle.

God is far greater than our little minds can conceive. He has much truth to expose to us and a ton of beauty to uncover as we run wild in the freedom He has for us. So let’s allow Jesus to uncover some lies and breathe life into death, and let’s ask ourselves some big questions. Let’s discover what accountability truly looks like for us outside of a “self-controlled” and shame-based system and lavish in the wonder of our sexuality as women. He has done a mighty work in His creation of both men and women. Until we experience the freedom He offers us, we will only know in part how great sex and our sexuality were meant to be.

I ask you to read [Unveil] for no other reason than because you are ready to be transformed by JESUS. This material is simple, but it is God’s truth for us wrapped in grace, authority, boldness and simplicity all at the same time. No one chapter fully makes sense without all the others, so chew on it all. And while you do, I pray that you will dance with excitement as you begin the journey to living fully in who God created you to be.

— Jamie Book (co-author of Unveil)