What is Unveil?

by on EST

First of all it is a Bible study for women. It is beginning a process of living free in Christ. It is a workbook

to use with a small group of your friends. It is practical and easy to read. It is teaches you how to

actually believe your true identity and how to enjoy your sexuality without sin. It will teach you how to

understand how to fight in the spiritual realm, accepting true forgiveness and experiencing freedom. It

gives you practical information on how not to give into temptation and helps you identify causes of

sexual sin not just dealing with the symptoms. It will lead you to enjoy accountability in the true sense

of having others come along side of you to lift you up, not to be cop in your life. It ends with spiritual

healing as you go through the Steps to Freedom in Christ, which is a spiritual and moral inventory of

your life. It teaches you how to invite the Holy Spirit to show you where the evil ones might have a hold

in your life. When you finish the workbook and the Steps, you not only can’t believe the spiritual

freedom you have but you realize that this is a lifelong process that you want to keep growing into. “It is

for freedom that Christ has set us free.”
You can order the book by clicking here. Please use this site for more information and resources. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see on this site.