• Lowell Seashore

    Head Coach


    For the last 30 years Lowell has worked for Youth Investment Foundation (YIF) which operates community programs and a retreat center called Timber Bay. He now works with the ministry that has developed from the Dangerous Men and Unveil books have led to creating a division of YIF called Lust Free Living (LFL)

    He is the Head Coach of the ministry because he got to pick his title. He lives with his absolutely fabulous and wonderful wife Susie, no kids of our own (but we have had 32 foster teenage boys) near Minneapolis MN.

    His passion for coaching was developed as he coached varsity soccer for Orono High School for 14 years and then 3 years coaching a Nordic Combined skier in two Winter Olympics and one World Cup. Then he turned his coaching passion to young men and women to live free from sin and bondage. He personally coaches, mentors, and disciples young men who live all around the country. He also loves Jeeping in the mountains and spending as much time as possible at the world headquarters for LFL.  (A cabin in the mountains of Colorado)

    He is personally submitted to Jesus Christ and committed to making disciples who become spiritual warriors for Christ.

  • Paul Scrabeck

    Firefighter & Good Guy


    Paul lives in Colorado and spends as much time as possible outdoors with his beautiful wife Linda. Paul’s favorite color is black, and his favorite food is whatever his wife makes (she is a great cook). Paul and his wife have three wonderful children.  He is a firefighter in the Denver area and an EMT.  Enjoys hunting and jeeping with Lowell.  He also loves to mentor young men into freedom in Christ.

  • Ben Johnson

    Director of Videology

    ben johnson
    Ben lives in Wayzata, Minnesota and creates video content for LFL. He also works on the website and runs the social media. Ben first went through Dangerous Men when he was 15 years old, and has been mentored by Lowell ever since. His father played soccer for Lowell in high school.

  • Joel Downes

    Assistant Coach

    joel downes
    Joel lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and works full-time for Lust Free Living (LFL) under Youth Investment Foundation (YIF). He studied Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas and graduated in 2013. He is a very restless individual who, most of the time, would rather be doing something that gets his heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.
    He loves boxing, people, coaching, working with his hands, reading, hunting, adventure, and freedom.

    Joel is absolutely committed to Jesus and to building his Kingdom.