Prayer for your Room

by on EST

Many years ago I went to an apartment warming party, you know the kind, when someone moves into a new place and they have everybody over. Well, there was a priest there who was asked to do an apartment blessing. I thought it kind of hokey when he lit an incense burner on a chain and started waving it around the apartment and praying to get rid of the evil spirits in the place and asking God to come in and protect it.

Back then I did not really believe in spirits other than the Holy Spirit. I knew in my head the Bible said that they existed but in my reality I never thought about them nor did I have any experiences that I attributed to evil spirits. I was wrong, there were many things going on around me that directly had to do with evil spirits that today I can see … even though I still think the incense burner is hokey. Later on I was called into many situations when people felt an evil presence in their home.

How does this relate to LFL and us? I’m glad you asked! There are many of us who did many sinful actions and had many a sinful thoughts in our room at home or other rooms around the house. Because of our old sinful habits, we not only have created negative emotional and mental patterns in those rooms but we also might have created some spiritual connections and rights for the enemy to attach to. Those negative spiritual and emotional connections to that room or place cause us to be tempted lustfully when we return there for visits. Pray this prayer in each room that you feel the need to. (I adapted it from the prayer in the back of the Steps book – you can also use it in your dorm room or campus housing.)

“Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that you are the Lord of heaven and earth. In your sovereign power and love, you have given me all things to enjoy. Thank You for this place to live. I claim my home and this room as a place of spiritual safety for me (and my family) and ask for your protection from all the attacks of the enemy. As I am your boy, raised up and seated with Christ in the heavenly places, I command every evil spirit claiming ground in this place, based on the activities of past or present occupants, including me, to leave and never return. I renounce all curses and spells directed against this place and all
my sins committed in this place. I ask you, Heavenly Father, to post your holy, warring angels around this place to guard it from any and all attempts of the enemy to enter and disturb Your purposes for me (and my family.) I thank You, Lord, for doing this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”